On visit to Rani Baug (Garden) in Byculla, Mumbai

Public garden’s are in essence private gardens for the masses and not just for the select few. It is able to give that privacy, which the world we have built provides less and less of it. It is able to give that opportunity and atmosphere of a pause in the fast paced world life we lead. It is like the oasis in the desert where a traveller is relieved after a long journey. It is like a door to go inside rather than outside. It provides the atmosphere to be with oneself and a door to go out of the chaos of the world and in to the peace of the nature.

List of activities noticed on a recent visit to a public garden in Mumbai:
– Classes of theatre or some other subject.
– Couple having a conversation
– Students studying
– Children playing
– Woman contemplating
– Friends dating
– Senior citizens talking
– Senior citizens walking
– Few species of Butterflies (Including blue mormon, yellows, whites and diff swallowtails)
– At least 10 species of birds
– Good number of crickets, grasshoppers and other insects.
– Gardeners and other maintenance staff

Man is known by the friends he keeps and here I would like to add that Man is known by his/her environment. Our neighborhood’s environmental health influences us in more ways than we actually realize. Influencing physical changes as well as mental development. This is more true for a big megapolis like Mumbai, which totally consumes its citizens. It is time we pay due attention to this fact and become sensitive to the changes we are experiencing. Some changes which happen at more deeper level within us takes much longer to manifest itself physically. Lets not wait for the deformation to set in and lets act before it is too late.


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